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Virtual Villagers event list

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Virtual Villagers event list
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The Trapped Whale
Through the morning mist, (your villager) noticed what appeared to be an unusually large sand bar near the shore. Deciding to investigate, (he/she) discovers a stranded whale, still alive but trapped in the surf. With high tide still hours away, and the sun growing stronger, a decision must be made at once:

Help free the whale
1) The whale has been freed. (Your villager) has successfully freed the whale by keeping it moist until the tide rose high enough for the whale to swim away. Your tribe has gained Spirituality.

Harvest the whale for food
1) The whale has been harvested. (Your villager) has successfully managed to slaughter the whale and bring back the bounty of meat as well as other vital products, to feed the hungry villagers. Your village has received a 1000-point food bonus!
The Strange Berries
During the course of daily foraging, (your villager) encounters a plant covered with beautiful, ripe berries. I have never seen such strange berries, (he/she) thought. But the shamans have warned the villagers about such unknown temptations.

Taste the strange berries
1) Taste the berries. (Your villager) was killed instantly by the berries, which turned out not to be berries at all, but rather, the eggs of an extremely poisonous variety of sea snail.

2) Taste the berries. (Your villager) feels revitalized! In fact, (he/she) hasn't felt this good in years. (Your villager) begins to run around in circles and shout with glee!

Ignore the seductive plant
1) Ignore the strange berries. (Your villager) has decided that it's far too dangerous to taste the unidentified berries.
The Old Drum
(Your villager) was searching in the bushes at the edge of the village and discovered and old drum fashioned from wood and hides. It seemed like there was something inside the drum, because it was very heavy.

Cut open the drum
1) Cut open the drum. The drum contained journals of a master healer who lived on the island before! The pages disintegrate as they are turned. (Your villager) has become a master healer.

Keep the drum to make music
2) Play the drum. When (your villager) started to bang on the drum, it started to rain! Apparently this is just what the berry bush needed.
The Mysterious Face
(Your villager) was relaxing near the edge of the village when ^ saw a face in the trees staring back! Alarmed, but curious, ^ wasn't sure what to do.

Get a closer look
1) Get a closer look. (Your villager) pushes into the trees for a closer look and is never heard from again.

2) Get a closer look. As (your villager) approaches the mysterious visage, (he/she) realizes it's only a shy, confused person who seems lost. (Your Villager) manages to gain the odd stranger's trust and welcomes the newcomer to the village. As it turns out, this lost soul is a master farmer and will be a boon to the village.

Cautiously back away
1) Avoid the creepy visage. Better safe than sorry, (your villager) decides. (He/She) carefully backs away and decides to try and forget what (he/she) saw, and never mention this to anyone for fear that the others would think (him/her) insane.
The Visitor
As (your villager) is strolling along the beach one afternoon, (he/she) spots a stranger in a boat. As the stranger reaches the shore, he asks (your villager) for some plants and seeds to take back with him on his boat.

Allow him to gather samples
1) Let him gather. The man gently took samples of each plant that he was interested in, and when he left he thanked (your villager) and gave (him/her) a bottle of antibiotics. Your tribe has gained medicine technology.

Tell the stranger to leave
1) No seeds for you, stranger. (Your villager) told the man not to touch anything and that he should leave. The stranger was not at all happy so before getting back on the boat, he sneezed a juicy, germy sneeze directly into the poor villager's face. A foreign disease swept through your village.
The Furry Food
A recent spell of humid, balmy weather has caused the village stockpile of food to ferment and mold. The villagers worry about getting sick, but they hate all their hard work to go to waste.

Remove the moldy pieces
1) Save what food you can. It looks like most of the mold is gone, but a few villagers seem to have stomach troubles

Throw out all the food
1) Throw out all the food. Better safe than sorry. The villagers err on the side of caution and throw all the food into the ocean.
A Mysterious Vial
One day (your villager) was walking on the beach, when (he/she) found - half buried in the sand - a mysterious vial filled with what appears to be an oily, red liquid.

Drink the liquid
1) Drink the liquid. Upon opening the bottle, a cloud of red vapor is released and starts drifting towards the village. (Your villager) drinks the liquid in one gulp and, feeling no effects, returns to the village where (he/she) discovers that everyone has been poisoned by the vapor, except for (him/her)self.

2) Drink the liquid. Upon opening the bottle, (your villager) is overwhelmed by a symphony of botanical aromas. (He/She) becomes dizzy and disoriented for a moment, but then realizes (he/she) has somehow acquired complete knowledge of herbal lore and healing.

Pour it out.
The Troubled Child
Little (your villager) has always been an unusual and troubled child. (He/She) is uninterested in normal childhood activities and (he/she) seems unusually bright, but the are not sure what to do with (him/her).

Let (him/her) try farming
1) Let the child try farming. Being a clever child, (your villager) easily grasps the farmers art, and the added responsibility seems to have helped (him/her) to fit in. However, (he/she) seems to be allergic to some of the plants on the farm.

Let (him/her) try research
1) Let the child try research. As it turns out, (your villager) is a child prodigy and takes to research as if born to it. (Your villager) quickly becomes a master researcher and (he/she) even makes some astonishing discoveries that boost the village technology.
A Mysterious Vial
One day (your villager) was walking on the beach, when (he/she) found - half buried in the sand - a mysterious vial filled with what appears to be an oily, red liquid.

Drink the liquid
1) Drink the liquid. Upon opening the bottle, a strangely familiar aroma is released. Something from long ago...something eerily familiar...something. At once, (your villager) feels compelled to gulp down the liquid and almost immediately remembers the scent as the sweet porridge (he/she) used to eat as a toddler. By the looks of things (he/she) will be eating it again.

2) Drink the liquid. The contents of the bottle smell delicious. (Your villager) is unable to resist, so (he/she) drinks it down. It is vagely minty, and slightly burns going down. A few minutes later, (your villager) starts acting silly and begins to dance around!

Pour it out.
The Suspicious Monkey
Little (your villager) has discovered a suspicious looking monkey hanging around the food bin. (He/She) knows that they sometimes steal food, but (he/she) is not sure whether to try and chase it away or wait and see what it does.

Try to scare the monkey away
1) Scare the monkey away. The monkey does not frighten easily and is certainly not impressed by little (your villager). It becomes quite angry and attacks (him/her), leaving (him/her) badly mauled!

Wait and see what it does
1) Wait and see what it does. The monkey steals a handful of berries. (Your villager) tries to chase the monkey, but (he/she) trips and scrapes (his/her) knee. The clever monkey notices the crying child and returns with some local leaves, which he rubs on the wound. The leaf juice has a strong soothing effect. (Your villager) has gained some healing skill.
The Wild Mushroom
(Your villager) has been watching the local monkeys and has observed them eating a particular variety of mushroom that sprouts rapidly and decays following a rain. One day, (he/she) finds and picks one, yet (he/she) is not sure whether to taste it or not.

Taste the mushroom
1) Taste the mushroom. The mushroom is delicious! (Your villager) has found a new tasty and nutritious food source, and gains foraging experience in the process. (He/She) then harvests the wild crop and adds them to the village food stores.

2) Taste the mushroom. A few minutes after tasting the strange fungus, (your villager) starts to feel very sick and is overcome with nausea and stomach cramps.

Discard the mushroom
1) Discard the mushroom. (Your villager) decides it is just too dangerous to try the strange mushroom, even though the monkeys seem to be eating them. For that matter, (he/she) is not completely sure this is the same kind.
The Black Pearl
(Your villager) was swimming near the shore and found a stunning black pearl inside an unusually large clam. Mesmerized by this spectacular pearl, (he/she) has mixed feelings about what to do with it.

Share the treasure with the tribe
1) Share the pearl. (Your villager) shows this fabulous pearl to the tribe and all rejoice! The beauty of this pearl brings hope and inspiration to all the villagers.

Keep the pearl hidden
1) Keep the pearl. (Your villager) keeps the rare pearl hidden away. (He/She) has become increasingly obsessed with it, is often distracted, and has withdrawn from village life. Some even say that (he/she) can be heard whispering to some silent companiion in the dark of night.
The Dream
(Your villager) was dreaming one night. (He/She) emerged from thick foliage and found two caves. In the right cave, (he/she) thought (he/she) saw the glint of gold. In the left cave, (he/she) heard a faint cry and the growling of a beast.

Enter the right cave
1) Enter the right cave. (Your villager) enters the right cave again looking for that gold. The ground becomes softer and softer and suddenly (your villager) is in the ocean surrounded by sharks. The nightmare ends as the sharks move in to feed. Awake and covered in sweat, (your villager) cannot release this new fear of water.

Enter the left cave
1) Enter the left cave. (Your villager) enters the left cave and finds only a small empty room. On the wall is a crude painting showing what must be Isola! Near the beach, however, is a beautiful temple. A few steps west of the temple is the glint of gold that (he/she) saw from outside the cave. (He/She) wakes up.
The Brass Compass
One day (your villager) discovered a shiny object in the sand. Unknown to the villagers, it was a brass compass, probably from the old shipwreck on the beach. The villagers had never seen such an object before and its true purpose was a mystery, but what they did know was that it was the best berry-masher they had ever seen!

Use it to mash berries
1) Use it to mash berries. The villagers use the hard, smooth device to mash the berries into a thin film that they then allow to dry into a stretchy sheet. The children enjoy them greatly, but these fruit snacks also keep well, which improves the villagers agricultural efficiency.

Let the researchers have it
1) After a time, the researchers discover many things about the object's purpose and construction. Although the device did not survive their inquiries intact, the researchers gained valuable knowledge in the process.
The Moth
(Your villager) was going for a walk one day and stumbled upon a large cocoon. (He/She) could see that there was a moth inside trying to bite and tear its way to freedom.

Help the moth
1) Help the moth. (Your villager) gently tears away the cocoon, freeing the moth. Unfortunately, it was the very struggle of exiting the cocoon that would make the moth strong enough to survive int he world. The moth tried to fly but was too weak and fell into the ocean.

Leave the moth alone
1) Leave the moth alone. (Your villager) does not interfere, but watches as the moth eventually breaks free from its silk prison. Realizing that the moth needed to complete its struggle in order to be strong enough to survive, (your villager) learned a rare and important lesson about helping by not helping.
The Book
(Your villager) finds a bundle of parchment wrapped in cloth at the edge of the foliage. Peeking inside, it appears to be a book or some collection of writings. The title reads, The Island of Pearls.

Read the book
1) Read the book. (Your villager) steals away to a secluded spot on the island to read the book in private. Something in those pages is so startling and amazing that (your villager) cannot believe what (he/she) has read! (He/She) immediatley heads off into the bushes, finding the secret path that had gone unnoticed by the villagers. Where (he/she) has gone is a mystery, but (he/she) has gone.

Bring it to the researchers
1) Bring it to the researchers. (Your villager) feels it would be prudent to bring this to the attention of the village scientists. Laying the manuscript on the research table, (your villager) seeks out the master scientist. Upon returning to the table, the book is missing!

The last two are difficult to decipher from the file:
A Mysterious Crate
(Your villager) was walking on the beach when (he/she) saw something washed up on the beach. It was (descriptions) crate.
Crate descriptions:
- wooden
- rotting, wooden
- badly weathered
- painstakingly well prepared, watertight

Open it
1) Open the crate. (Your villager) is delighted to find that the crate is filled with (?).

2) Open the crate. When (he/she) opens the crate, (your villager) is astonished to discover (?).

Objects found in crates:
- coconuts
- ripe bananas
- juicy steaks
- angry, biting rats living in the crate!
- giggling infant!
- giggling infants!
- brand new diapers!
- deadly spiders hiding inside!
- rotten and half eaten, old fruit.
- rusty old tools and instruments.

Leave it alone
1) Leave it alone. (Your villager) has a bad feeling about the crate, so (he/she) pushes it back into the ocean.
A Mysterious Vial
One day (your villager) was walking on the beach, when (he/she) found - half buried in the sand - a mysterious vial filled with what appeared to be (a watery | an oily), (red | blue | fizzy) liquid.

Drink the liquid
1) Drink the liquid. (Your villager) drinks the strange liquid in one gulp. Immediately, (he/she) feels (very | quite | a little | slightly | somewhat | utterly)(strange | enlightened | confused). (He/She) doesn't quite feel (him/her)self. (Your villager) has (improved at | lost some) (farming | construction | research | breeding | healing | skill).

Pour it out
1) Pour it out. (Your villager) knows better than to drink any old strange liquid (he/she) finds laying around on the beach, and dumps it out in the sand.


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